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3v3 leagues

Current Leagues

Youth 3 on 3 League

thds: April 9th – May 31st.

One Time Fee: $150 Individual or $750 Full Team (max 6)


  • 3 on 3 League participation every Friday from  5:30-8pm
  • Special training for 6th – 9th grade players
  • Prizes awarded for playoff winners.
  • Fun, friendly, competitive.


The Players Zone 3 v 3 youth league

PZ MEMBERS OPEN GYM: are one hour sessions- posted on APP/Online. These sessions are shared with other members up to 6 per session and will be posted online & app as CLASSES for pre-booking under PZ MEMBERS OPEN GYM
PZ MEMBERS PRIVATE GYM: are one hour sessions- posted on APP/Online. Private sessions are exclusively reserved for members only to enjoy the court, shooting machine, and court-side lounge room during their OWN PRIVATE scheduled session. As there is only one booking per time slot. Note, you may book one hour back to back for a 2 hour session that will count as 2 sessions. Pre-book these sessions online or on the app as a class under PZ MEMBERS PRIVATE GYM

Facility –Friendly reminder to PRE-BOOK ALL SESSIONS & to enter and exit at the exact time of which your sessions are reserved in consideration for other members. Also, please put items back in their place and maintain cleanliness for the next session. Youth must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times, no staff is on the premises.

Shooting Gun –You may use the shooting gun during private gym sessions- Must view instructional video and fully understand how to set-up and take down. Go to or go to Membership page to view the YouTube Set-up Video under “The Gun” section.

Guests- PZ Members may share their sessions with other PZ Members at no charge. Additional non-member guests are welcome, they must create an account on PZ website/app signing participation waiver, adding a credit payment to pay a $10 guest fee, please send names of your guests to and weather to charge their account or yours for the guest fee. *ALL SESSIONS MUST be pre-booked as only 6 max for Open Gym Sessions & Private Gym Sessions are booked via one membership to a class to avoid double booking. During and After Business hours.
Visit or download The Players Zone app. Report any issues/emergency matters to