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Join The Players Club by becoming an official PZ Player!

Memberships consist of Open Gym & Private Gym Session Access

Memberships are limited, contact us to discuss options. Contact us at

Family Membership (Family of 4)

*Annual memberships start on day of sign-up with a minimum commitment of 3 months option to cancel 30 days in advance after initial 3 months. Email us at

*Contact to retrieve your member access card before your first booked visit!
Membership updates/resets on the billing day in which your membership started each month.  Be sure to use your sessions up each month before that day renews them.
Boys playing basketball at The Players Zone

Open Gym Sessions

PZ Player Members Only

One-hour sessions- posted on the APP/Online. These sessions are shared with other members up to 6 per session and will be posted online & on the app as CLASSES for pre-booking.
*Sessions are offered daily. Members must reserve their spot. Only 6 spots available per hour so sign up now using our scheduling calendar below!

Private Gym Sessions 

One-hour sessions- posted on APP/Online. Private sessions are exclusively reserved for members only to enjoy the court, shooting machine, and court-side lounge room during their OWN PRIVATE scheduled session. As there is only one booking per time slot. Note, you may book one hour back-to-back for a 2 hour session that will count as 2 sessions. Pre-book these sessions online or on the app under Classes which will typically be after business hours during the week and weekends. 

“The Gun”

Get up at least 500 shots or more on the ultimate shooting machine – “The Gun”. The best basketball shooting machine used by the NBA and colleges around the world.


Training with a trainer and looking to get in additional shots on “The Gun” Shoot-Away machine?  Looking to get up a 500+ shots workout in an hour either solo, with a friend, or with multiple friends & family?  There’s a session for all!

Schedule your time slot on “The Gun” and see instant results displayed on “The Gun” touchscreen and a heat map shown during your workout.

Our staff will get you all set-up to enjoy the machine getting in as many shots in various settings and programs for one whole hour!

Make sure to check out this video for instructions on how to set-up/take down the shooting gun machine.


  • BASKETBALL COURT 30×60 ft court with 3 hoops, pop-up defenders & a shoot-away shooting gun machine
  • COURT-SIDE LOUNGE spectator seating, tables, tv & full bathroom with shower.


Access Key Card:

Key Card has an activation fee of $10. Please do not share your key card with anyone outside your family listed on this membership. If a card is lost or stolen, please report to There is a $10 fee for a replacement card.



Friendly reminder to PRE-BOOK ALL SESSIONS & to enter and exit at the exact time of which your sessions are reserved in consideration for other members. Also, please put items back in their place and maintain cleanliness for the next session. Youth must be always accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Shooting Gun:

Members may use the shooting gun during private gym sessions- Must view instructional video and fully understand how to set-up and take down. This video will be posted to our PZ YouTube Channel & shared for reference.



(Additional guests are welcome, they must create an account on PZ website/app signing participation waiver, adding a credit payment to pay a $10 guest fee, please send an email to with the names of your guests and weather to charge their account or yours for the guest fee)


*ALL SESSIONS MUST be pre-booked as only 6 max for Open Gym Sessions & Private Gym Sessions are booked via appointment to avoid double booking. During and After Business hours. In addition to these sessions, PZ Player Members receive discounts on training, gym rentals and all products and services that PZ has to offer.