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Seth Wilson

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About Seth

Seth Wilson is one of the Lead Trainers at the Players Zone. Seth Wilson is the former head coach for Fork Union’s Post-Graduate basketball program and owner and CEO of Growth Training, a performance empowerment company.

Sports ask athletes to perform skills well while tired and under pressure in a consistently competitive environment. Furthermore, basketball is an art form and a place where athletes can learn to express themselves in healthy and constructive ways.

Coach Wilson designs training sessions to help athletes thrive in such environments. He utilizes a combination of individual skill development and game-specific small-sided competitions that develops an athlete’s in-game decision-making abilities. He believes this is the best approach to enhance the quality of play, prepare athletes for success in the most competitive situations, and place them in the best setup to earn a scholarship.

Seth views coaching as his calling. Competitive athletics saved his life. It provided a life-long career, helped him overcome a severe stutter, and taught him valuable life lessons he could not learn inside his home environments. Because of this impact, Seth believes that he owes it to Dr. James Naismith and the basketball gods to use this sport as a vehicle to empower others. He aims to help others find their purpose in life and make them stronger and more confident to pursue passions with honor and integrity.

During the 20-21 season, the FUMA PG program went 12-8, and the players earned $2.7 million in scholarship offers. Additionally, he ran the Fork Union Basketball School, a week-long camp in July, and taught an Effective Leadership course.

Additional experience includes:

  • Head Coach JV Basketball      (1 year)
  • Head Coach Middle School Basketball    (2 years)
  • Assistant Coach PG Basketball     (2 years)
  • Basketball Development Instructor – Atlanta Hawks  (4 years)
  • Student Manager – UGA Women’s Basketball   (2 years)
  • Assistant Coach – Oxford College of Emory University  (2 years)
  • Youth Basketball Director – Covington Family YMCA  (5 years)
  • Student Manager – WVU Men’s Basketball    (5 years)

Group Sessions With Seth

Middle School Group Sessions


Mondays & Thursdays 5-6:30 pm


6th – 8th graders (Boys & Girls)

Max Class Size

7 players
Seth Wilson, group class at The Players Zone

Class Description

Games ask players to perform skills well while tired and under pressure in a consistently competitive environment. Coach Seth Wilson structures every second of these sessions to prepare players for success on the court.

Using cutting-edge teaching techniques to teach individual skills specifically, Coach Wilson also uses a small-sided game format to place players in common game situations. For example, in a recreated game situation, the athletes must read the defense and make the best decision for themselves and their teammates.

Conversely, those same drills place players in a disadvantaged defensive moment and ask the athlete to perform. Not only does a small-sided game format challenge the offensive player, but it also teaches critical defensive principles.

A self-described basketball nerd, Coach Wilson focuses on teaching and explaining strategies and tactics to increase the basketball IQ of each player. Finally, Coach Wilson establishes an enthusiastic and constructive climate where players feel empowered to grow and develop a love for the game and the training process.